Orthopaedic Simulator

We developed a virtual hip replacement simulator for training surgeons.

Figure 1: [JPG]

The simulated surgery uses a haptic interface with the Geomagic (Sensable) Omni combined with the eMagin stereoscopic head mounted display (HMD). This simulates bone drilling, sawing, reaming and various orthopaedic tools.

Figure 2: [PNG]

This was interfaced with 3D printing technology which has capability to 3D-print metallic hip stem implants which can be custom made to fit individual patients from their CT scan data [1]. This was a novel aspect, not covered in the existing orthopaedic simulators shown in our published comprehensive review [2]. The simulator also assesses the accuracy of hip implant surgery [3], which provides feedback differentiating between novice/expert surgeons and to predict the risk of future hip dislocation or failure based on the placement accuracy.

Figure 3: [JPG]

Related Publications

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